A Wirral MP has opened up about what she calls her 'body-hating demons', drawing praise for sharing her own issues.

Alison McGovern, MP for Wirral South, shared her story in a feature published online by women's magazine Grazia on September 29.

In the article, Ms McGovern, who is also Shadow Minister for Sport, reveals how she has long battled insecurities about her own body shape and has suffered with depression throughout her life.

But whereas she accepts that periods of depression are probably commonplace for most people at different stages of their lives, she is less forgiving of herself for her dislike of her body.

In the article, she said: "What I am embarrassed to admit is the self-disgust of my body that has plagued me since primary school.

"If ever I lack fluidity in speaking, or concentration fades, it is because - in that moment - the demons are winning. Somehow I hoped for a long time it would just go away.

"In politics, being on telly is just part of the job. I thought I would get used to it, but I never have.

"Admitting to mental health challenges is one thing. Recognising that your job can trigger them is another."

The Wirral MP hopes that by sharing her own personal feelings, other people who feel the same way will realise that they are not alone, as she did before confiding in fellow Labour MP Jess Phillips.

The Birmingham Yardley representative then went on to the cover the issue in her own book - Everywoman.

Ms McGovern has been a supporter of the 'This Girl Can' campaign since 2015.

The movement seeks to inclusively promote women's participation in sport and physical activity by working on two key principles - woman are more likely to care for their body if they love it rather than hate it and shaming people into exercise is counterproductive.

The Wirral South MP's article was well received, described by one Twitter user as 'powerful and inspiring'.

Since 2015, 'This Girl Can' have successfully persuaded nearly three million women to get more active.

To find out more visit: www.thisgirlcan.co.uk