A Globe reader who couldn't get a coronavirus test anywhere, found his local test centre completely empty the same day.

The man, from Bromborough, tried to book a Covid-19 test online on Monday (September 14) on the advice of his doctor after suffering with a chest infection.

But with no joy in obtaining an appointment at his nearest test location, he found the situation to be the same at every single test centre across the borough and beyond.

Instead, he turned his attention to the 119 telephone number but couldn't get an appointment via that method either.

Eventually he gave up in his pursuit, but keen to follow his doctor's advice, later that day he decided to drive down to his local test centre and enquire as to why it was so difficult to get an appointment.

The Bromborough resident arrived at the test centre on Civic Way in Bebington, at around 5pm, which is open everyday until 8pm for appointments.

Walking up to the test centre he was shocked to find no other members of the public in sight.

After approaching staff to explain his predicament, with no one else to be seen, he was offered the opportunity to take a test, which he gladly took.

The man told the Globe: "I just went up to make a general enquiry to see if someone could explain why it was so difficult for me to book at test. When I got in there, I was astounded to discover that there were no other people in there being tested or waiting to be tested other than myself.

"Despite the problems booking a test I got my results back within 24 hours, which I thought was remarkable."

Another Globe reader, who was unaware that he needed an appointment, was not so fortunate but found a similar scene at his local test centre in Birkenhead.

Muhammed Bah said: "I got turned away because the rules have now changed, even though my friend walked in on Sunday.

"I said to the guy, there's nobody in there at all. It's totally empty. He said 'I know but you've got to have an appointment.'

"I'm flabagasted. I've got symptoms and I can't get a test. You go online and you can't get a test. That place is empty in Birkenhead"

The Globe approached Wirral Council for comment regarding the man from Bromborough.

Director of Public Health in Wirral, Julie Webster, said: “I recently joined with other Directors of Public Health in Cheshire and Merseyside to raise urgent concerns regarding testing because unfortunately the experience described by your reader is all too familiar across the country. A lack of capacity in the national laboratory system is having a huge impact on our ability to meet demand for testing in Wirral.

"We are working hard to make the most of the testing capacity available to our residents but additional testing capacity is essential to help prevent further spread of the virus in Wirral and the wider region. Currently the North West has 25% of the COVID-19 national cases and yet has access to only 15% of the national testing capacity.

“I’d also like to remind residents that only those who have coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms get a test. The symptoms are: a high temperature, a new continuous cough and a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste. To ensure people who need a test can get one, please do not apply for a test for people who do not have these symptoms."

Wirral Council says to book a test visit: www.wirral.gov.uk/test or call 119.