THIS little chap needed urgent help after getting stuck in a drain cover at a house in Greasby ...

RSPCA inspector Leanne Cragg was called to an address in Howell Drive on Tuesday, to reports that the frog was caught in the drain at the side of the property.

The homeowner had become concerned after he tried to push his way through the gap and got himself stuck.

Unfortunately, Leanne was unable to wriggle the little frog free and didn’t want to hurt him so called for help from Saughall Massie Fire Station who sent out a crew to cut him free.

Thankfully, he wasn’t injured so Leanne took him back to the garden and released him back onto the pond.

Wirral Globe:

Leanne said: "A woman found the frog with his nose poking out of the drain at the side of her house.

"But she became concerned when he tried to push his way through the gap and got himself stuck.

"When I arrived, his whole body was wedged tight with his back legs stuck in the drain. I’ve heard of toad in the hole - but this is my first frog in a drain!"

Leanne added: "This poor little guy wasn’t feeling great and I didn't want to injure him, so I decided it would be safer to get some help from the fire service who have specialist cutting equipment.

"I don't think the fire service could believe it when I turned up at the station with a frog stuck in a drain in a bucket!

"The crew at Saughall Massie were brilliant and very helpful.

"They didn’t even laugh at me!"

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