Homeowners and landlords in Wirral can now see for themselves how the new Green Homes Grant scheme can help make their homes warmer and more energy efficient.

The Simple Energy Advice website offers a quick energy survey for consumers to see how energy efficient their homes already are and where improvements can be made. Taking as little as five minutes, once completed homeowners and landlords can receive a personalised energy plan.

The Green Home Grants scheme, due to open by the end of September, will allow people to obtain money for up to two-thirds of the cost of the energy saving measures identified - up to £5,000 – in the form of new vouchers. Lower income households could be entitled to have as much as £10,000 of the costs covered.

The scheme will cover green home improvements including insulation of walls, floors and roofs, the installation of double or triple glazing when replacing single glazing and low-carbon heating. These measures could help families save up to £600 a year on their energy bills.

The Simple Energy Advice website then offers people access to fully accredited tradespeople in their area able to carry out the work needed, so they can get quotes ready for when the vouchers become available.

Councillor Ian Lewis (Conservative, Wallasey Ward) said: “Green Homes Grants could make a big difference to help make homes across Wirral more energy efficient with government vouchers, while helping to create skilled jobs and supporting moves to net zero carbon emissions.

"People now have the chance to see how this scheme could help save money on their energy bills and connect to trusted local tradespeople across the region, so they are ready for the scheme’s launch in September.”

Energy Savings Trust Chief Executive, Mike Thornton, added: “The Green Homes Grant scheme is a great opportunity to get a grant to cut energy bills. Now the website is live, we urge people to go online to create a personalised plan for energy efficiency in their home as a first step to getting their grant.”

To find out more visit: www.simpleenergyadvice.org.uk/pages/green-homes-grant