WELCOME to Haunted Wirral, a feature series written by world famous psychic researcher, Tom Slemen for the Globe.

In this latest tale, Tom examines the mystery of the Flying Triangles ...

CLOSE on midnight at the end of November 1995, people across Liverpool and Wirral saw something very strange moving slowly through the thick fog that was hanging over the region.

In Huyton, a black triangular object, the size of a double-decker bus was seen flying at almost rooftop level towards the city centre, and by the time it had passed over Wavertree the triangular UFO was sporting a green aura about it.

Dozens of witnesses saw this unknown craft fly across the Mersey towards the Wirral peninsula, and curiously, another airborne triangle was flying to meet it from the direction of the Stanlow Oil Refinery.

The Wirral triangle had caused pandemonium earlier that night as it whizzed silently from Capenhurst with three bright green, white, and orange lights at each corner of its fuselage.

It flew at treetop level along the M56 at one point before making a 90-degree turn (which threw off two police patrol cars that were in a high speed pursuit).

The triangle then came to a standstill over Thornton-le-Moors for a minute or so, and then there was a sonic boom as the craft rocketed over Stanlow, heading North West.

It flew along the coast, and was seen by a few revellers outside of the Eastham Ferry pub.

I have reports from people outside the Archers public house and two police officers in Bromborough who also saw the speeding three-pointed flying machine as it gave off laser-like rays (very noticeable in the fog) that scanned the river for some reason.

The UFO then picked up speed and travelled some five miles in seconds till it stopped dead at its rendezvous point with the other triangle almost directly over Hamilton Square.

Beams of coloured light flashed rapidly between the triangles as if they were greeting one another, and the one that came from the direction of Liverpool accelerated vertically at a speed that was estimated to have been around seven miles a second - which happens to be the escape velocity of the earth.

The UFO that remained over Birkenhead swooped down and flew a mile to the South West, where many witnesses saw it descend into the fog in Birkenhead Park.

Two brothers - 19-year-old Jay and 25-year-old Martin - were in the park that night in Martin's car. Martin was teaching his brother to drive, and when the latter saw the triangular UFO pass overhead the vehicle, tried to follow it.

There was a bright green light at the left corner of the UFO, a bluish-white one on the right corner, and the other corner had a blinding orange light.

Martin had been listening to Radio One on the car’s radio, and now he and his brother could hear strange gibbering high-pitched voices on the radio, talking rapidly in an unknown language.

Martin chased the UFO along Park Drive at around 60 mph and almost hit a police car coming from the other direction.

The patrol car had been alerted to the UFO in the park.

The enigmatic triangle twisted 180 degrees in mid air at the Ashville Road junction and took off vertically at a tremendous velocity, and as it did do the strange voices on the car radio ceased and the Radio 1 programme returned.

Triangular UFOs have been seen recently over Wallasey - which seems to be a window area (along with Bidston Hill) where strange aerial phenomena are rife.

A Globe reader named Saskia emailed me to say that she was walking her dog along Sandcliffe Road in Wallasey on the Monday evening of July 6 this year at midnight when she saw a black triangle-shaped object descend slowly out of the night sky.

It had a bright light at each corner and the UFO flew down towards Harrison Park, where it hovered over a hill near the Sandcliffe Road entrance.

Saskia said three other people walking dogs saw the UFO and one took a picture of it with his phone.

Saskia tried to take a picture as well but her dog started to howl and whimper.

One minute the triangular craft was there, and the next it was gone, and none of the witnesses saw it leave.

One of the most spectacular UFO ‘displays’ in Wirral took place one night in March 1971when a staff member working late at Spiller’s Mills, on the Wallasey side of Birkenhead Docks, noticed a bright light hovering out in Liverpool Bay.

The worker at the mill was on the seventh floor of the building and he informed a colleague of the light, which seemed to be getting brighter by the second.

The two men watched in awe as the light resolved itself into a gigantic orange globe, and from this luminous sphere, about a hundred points of light emerged and flew towards the west in a single file.

That same night, there were dozens of calls about the fleet of UFOs from residents in Wallasey, New Brighton, Leasowe, Meols and Hoylake.

One hysterical woman believed some space invasion was going on and informed a newspaper reporter she'd loaded her late husband’s shotgun to fend off the extraterrestrials.

The UFOs passed over the North West tip of Wirral and flew over the Dee, headed for North Wales.

On the following day, several scientific ‘experts’ said a meteor shower was probably to blame for the mass-sightings of the UFOs.

I do not believe we are alone on this earth.

Keep watching the skies ...

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