Birkenhead is in the top 10 urban areas recovering from the affects of the coronavirus lockdown, according to a new report.

As restrictions begin to ease across the country, the website Centre for Cities tracks the recovery of high streets in Britain's cities and large towns.

And using data compiled up until June 23, Birkenhead is ranked eighth overall, with an index score of 55 (out of 100).

In comparison, Liverpool and Manchester are both only on a recovery index score of 22 and Warrington 48.

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Centre for Cities' tracker shows how quickly high streets in the UK's largest cities and towns are returning to their previous levels of activity and the drivers behind it.

The tracker uses anonymised mobile phone data from Locomiser and will be updated monthly.

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The above graph, known as the Overall Recovery Index, shows how footfall in the town centre dropped off after lockdown restrictions took effect and how the area has now recovered to more than half of the usual level.

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The Workers Index returns a score of 42, showing that more than half of the town centre's workers are either still working from home or currently unable to work as they were before lockdown.

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The Weekend Index returns a score of 57, suggesting that weekend footfall in the town centre has returned to more than half the level that it was at prior to Covid-19 restrictions, with a higher volume on Saturdays.

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Finally, the Night-Time index returns a high score of 62. This means that more people are returning to the town centre in the evening. This figure is currently closer to the pre-lockdown levels in Birkenhead than any other metric.

The website's next data update at the end of July should be able to offer insight into what impact the easing of lockdown restrictions has had since July 4. 

For a more detailed look at the data for Birkenhead and other parts of the country, visit: