CHILDREN from Greasby Infant School helped unite the community during lockdown by creating a rainbow-coloured collection of stones.

It was just one many activities organised by the school to make pupils "feel involved and entertained" over the last two months.

The stones were collected by the children during a letter hunt led them to a local pond.

Along the way children had to do physical tasks like lunges, squats, running on the spot and singing songs.

Once they arrived at the pond they collected a stone cobble and took it home.

They painted it in one of the colours of the rainbow and returned it to the pond where we created a huge stone rainbow.

The hunt - organised by Greasby Infants' deputy head Siobhan Rimmer - featured letters that made up the word Greasby Rainbow.

Funding for the event came from 'Wirral Together', which aims to help residents create a better borough.

Once all cobbles were returned, Siobhan collected and varnished them.

They were then secured them to a large board.

Siobhan Rimmer told the Globe: "The board was taken by the council and mounted outside the community centre.

"The funding came from myself and Wirral together.

"Timpsons donated a plaque. The rainbow will be there for a few months before we decide where to put it permanently.

"Children all over Greasby took part, which has really united the community.

"People have been to visit the rainbow and said how lovely it is.

"When it was being installed a lady passed and said it had really brightened her day".

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