A BOTTLE attack on The Dips in New Brighton last night has led to urgent calls for police to make the area a dispersal zone.

Conservative group leader Ian Lewis' call follows a number of disturbances on the site in recent weeks, which culminated last night with an appeal by Police for parents to collect their children after the violent attack.

For the last three weekends, and some weeknights, large groups of youths have been gathering at The Dips and Harrison Park.

Cllr Lewis said the problems began with large amounts of litter left behind and underage drinking. This has escalated to drug fuelled anti-social behaviour, dangerous driving and, last night, violence.

Cllr Lewis said: "Three weeks ago, after the first weekend of trouble, we asked for the authorities to consider a Dispersal Zone to avoid further problems.

"That request was rejected.

"Three weeks later, and with problems now a regular occurrence at the Dips and Harrison Park, the police and the council need to act to stop it.

"They have the powers, so use them."

Section 34 of the Anti-Social Behaviour & Policing Act 2014 gives police powers to direct people they suspect are causing or likely to cause crime, nuisance or anti-social behaviour to members of the public to leave a designated area for up to 48 hours.

A small number of volunteers started at 6am to clean up waste and rubbish including bottles, cans, broken glass, human waste, soiled clothing, several hundred ‘hippy crack’ cannisters, leftover food and vomit Cllr Lewis added: "The patience and tolerance of residents and councillors has been exhausted.

"The Dips and Harrison Park have become no-go areas at certain times for the law-abiding majority.

"If senior Council leaders, directors or senior police officers still do not believe that a Dispersal Zone is the answer, now is the time to hear their alternatives.

"Otherwise, they are welcome to join us in clearing up the mess next time."

Residents are asked to give their backing to the call for a Dispersal Zone at The Dips and Harrison Park by signing online at www.wirralconservatives.com/dips