This week many of the borough’s high street shops and small businesses have started to reopen. This weekend, we’ll celebrate Father’s Day while many local football fans will tune in to the Merseyside Derby. For some of us it will feel like the first taste of ‘normality’ since lockdown restrictions started.

But if you’re out and about in the borough, you will notice changes in the way things used to be. Queuing to head into the supermarket, wearing a face cover on the bus and leaving lots of space on pavements or in public areas will be just some of the adjustments that we need you to support. 

In Wirral, reopening retailers and businesses will be required to follow measures to keep our communities safe and well.

Wirral Globe:

But the measures we have put together are only strong if you embrace and follow them to keep you and your families safe from Covid-19.

Last week the Keep. Wirral. Well. campaign was launched to protect the health and safety of local residents.

It outlines the simple steps I’d like you to continue to do to reduce the spread of Covid-19 and save lives.

How can you help Keep Wirral Well?

  • Stay home as much as possible, catch up with family on video chat or from a safe social distance – shops are opening and travel restrictions continue to ease, but if you can stay home, it will help to keep Covid-19 under control.
  • Keep your distance from others – many shops will have changed their layouts but staying apart from people outside your household group is key.
  • Wash your hands – often, with soap and water and for at least 20 seconds. Use a hand sanitiser if need be.
  • Cover your face on public transport, a scarf or homemade mask will do. This is now mandatory across the UK.

For now, we’re able to enjoy a bit more freedom as we move further out of lockdown. But not everybody has the luxury of this choice, especially if they’re vulnerable or caring for someone who is.

Wirral Globe:

I’m asking all Wirral residents to consider how their actions can protect others and keep going as you have been.

On Father’s Day, consider a catch up on the phone or video chat. And when it comes to football, we will all benefit from people not mixing households to watch it. Watch safely from home and whatever happens, we all win…

I thank you for your continued support, and thanks for reading.