One of Wirral's top independent schools is set to close its doors at the end of the current term.

Kingsmead School in Hoylake distributed a letter to parents on Monday (June 15) advising that the private school, which has been in existence since 1904, will shut permanently next month.

The decisive move, which was reportedly agreed and ratified by the school governors, comes after key partner KM Endeavour Limited (KMEL) was unable to come to an agreement to take over the running of the financially struggling school from next term.

In the letter, seen by the Globe, Kingsmead School Chairman David Renison says: "Many comprehensive negotiations had taken place regularly and over a number of weeks despite the challenges caused by Covid-19.

"The Governors applaud the strenuous efforts which the KMEL leaders have made and likewise the great flexibility and hard work of our loyal staff in what has been very uncertain times for them. I wish to place on record my admiration and appreciation of all the efforts KMEL made to keep the school going: they worked tirelessly and selflessly towards that end.

"However, for understandable reasons KMEL has decided they were not able to proceed further with their plans to take on the running of the school from next term.

"The reasons include the large drop in pupil numbers expected to start this September term (the latest figure we have is less than 129), the substantial Covid-19 effect and the increased risk of not being able to turn around the financial health of the school without substantially more money being injected from donors, investors or the existing school trust.

"Accordingly, by the end of this summer term the school will have nearly run out of cash. I am very sad to confirm that the school will have to close at the end of this present summer term."

It has been reported that at least 20 other private schools across the country have closed since the start of the coronavirus lockdown with more expected to follow.

The 116-year-old Kingsmead School prides itself on achieving the best GCSE results in Wirral for all-ability schools.

It is understood that a new pupil started at the school only a few weeks ago.