Two martial arts experts are using video call technology to join forces and raise money for an online coronavirus appeal.

Asagi Karate club and Birkenhead Karate Academy will come together at 1pm on Sunday June 14 for a one off special event.

Sensei Paul and Sensei Peter, both 7th Dan black belts of Goju Ryu Karate will be performing 1000 techniques in support of the UK PayPal COVID-19 Relief Fund, with the event broadcast live via popular video conference app Zoom.

Sensei Paul and Sensei Peter have been supporting their students through online sessions throughout the pandemic and are now utilising the technology to support the community further.

The UK PayPal COVID-19 Relief Fund distributes donations among a group of charities responding to the coronavirus outbreak.

To donate, visit or for more information, visit Birkenhead Karate Academy Facebook page.

To join the Zoom call on Sunday, email for the access code.