A WIRRAL councillor has hit out the 'slobs' who turned a popular seaside spot into a rubbish tip at the weekend.

Wirral's Conservative group leader, Cllr Ian Lewis was among a team of around 20 volunteers that helped clear up rubbish at 'the dips' in New Brighton on Monday this morning.

It had been left by people who flocked to the area to enjoy the hot weather at the weekend.

Wirral Council urged the public to act responsibly when disposing of their rubbish.

Cllr Lewis told the Globe: "The mess left at the Dips on Saturday night was appalling – broken bottles, cans and empty cannisters of 'hippy crack'.

"There is absolutely no excuse for what they did - others may try to shift the blame, I don't. 

"The people responsible are the slobs who left this mess.

"Around 20 of us collected all their litter, working with the fantastic Biffa crews, and restored the area to how it should be.

"The next time that lot want a party, I'd prefer it if they stayed at home and wallowed in their own filth."

Another disgusted visitor, Wirral-based RSPCA inspector Anthony Joynes who also works in the area, told the Globe: "I get the bins are full, but it's just such a shame that people have so little respect for the local area.

"It's not hard to bag your stuff up and take it home and bin it there. To just get up and walk off beggars belief. 

"People need to think about more than just themselves in this scenario.

"Yes, it's great to get out and meet friends now lockdown is easing but it needs to be done responsibly. The 'someone else will sort it' attitude simply isn’t good enough.

"The litter that's being left could cause so many issues to people's pets as well and our local wildlife.

"Lots of the plastic will likely make its way into the sea and could end up miles and miles away causing great damage and suffering to marine life not just locally but far away too.

"We must do better. Take a bag with you and leave the beach and other Wirral beauty spots as you found them.

"It's really not that difficult."

A Council spokesperson said: "The message is quite simple, but still it seems a minority of people either don’t understand it or don’t care.

"More than ever, when we are still battling a health pandemic, take responsibility for your rubbish.

"Take it with you and put it inside a litter bin.

"If the nearest bin is full, take it to another one if possible. If that is full, take it home with you and put it in your household waste bin.

"Don't be selfish by leaving it on the field, or on the beach, or piled up by the side of a bin.

"This is an issue which comes up every year in places like New Brighton and West Kirby when there is good weather.

"This year, as in previous years, we are providing a number of bulk waste bins in car parks where people can deposit their waste at the end of their visit.

"These are in addition to the smaller permanent litter bins in these areas, which are emptied regularly on a rolling schedule at peak times.

"We are also this year deploying more street cleansing crews where needed.

"We understand that in the current circumstances people will want to take advantage of the good weather and spend time at some of the many beautiful places we have in Wirral.

"Even though the national guidelines are for a slight easing up of the restrictions we have all faced over the last nine weeks, the key message is still to stay home as much as possible and keep socially-distanced when it is necessary to go out."