The coronavirus lockdown has brought a Wirral street together after two households combined their talents to produce a breath-taking music video.

The superb three-minute production was shot on the street of a new build housing estate in Moreton, where residents have been treated to regular performances in the road during the weekly Thursday evening 'clap for carers'.

Self-employed wedding singer Natalie Collins, who also works part time for the council, delivers a cover version of Frances - 'Don't worry about me' while neighbouring couple Mak and Sophia, who go by the collective name of Duo Odyssey perform an emotive dance routine in the middle of the road.

The whole performance was captured and edited by Natalie's partner Paul Hayes, who is a professional wedding photographer.

Mr Hayes told the Globe: "It’s was actually shot a few days ago as I wanted to edit it and have it ready for 8pm for the Thursday Clap. But on the night, Natalie set up and sang from 7.30-9pm and Sophia & Maks also performed their routine with Natalie singing directly after the NHS Applause.

Wirral Globe: Mak and Sophia wow local residents with their performanceMak and Sophia wow local residents with their performance

"We only knew Sophia and Mak worked on a cruise liner a few weeks back - nothing else really.

"They did an impromptu dance performance in our street a few weeks back for a Thursday NHS clap, which got us all chatting in the street.

"We came up with the idea to do something for the final NHS clap with Natalie singing as well as them dancing to try and get the street all outside their houses - if anything just to give people something different to do with their evening.

"Pretty much everyone in the street sat outside their homes whilst they performed and then Natalie cracked on with a full set of songs whilst everyone had a lovely night in our street.

Wirral Globe: Natalie Collins performed the song from her doorstepNatalie Collins performed the song from her doorstep

"The neighbours have responded so well to what we did, all saying how amazing it was and given us all an excuse to chat to people we’ve lived close by two for over a year."

Singer Natalie wanted to do something to create awareness for the NHS as her sister Charlotte, who also lives on the same estate, is a nurse.

She has previously done a couple of Facebook lives to help raise some money for the NHS through a friends Paypal link.

Mr Hayes added: "I think the best thing to come out of all this misery is a community spirit."

To find out more about Natalie and Paul's talents visit Natalie Collins Music and Maddison Picture on Facebook.