Tranmere Rovers have put forward a proposal that they believe offers a fair curtailment to EFL League One, if the season cannot be completed.

Rovers chairman Mark Palios released a detailed statement on the club's website on Tuesday evening, explaining the proposal and their thought process behind it.

Last week, the English Football League (EFL) insisted that any early curtailment of league football in all three of its divisions must include promotion and relegation, in order to protect the integrity of the competition.

The EFL's preferred option in this circumstance is the use of non-weighted points-per-game (PPG) to determine the outcome of the remaining unplayed matches.

Under this system, Tranmere who are currently 21st in League One, would be relegated back to League Two, despite having 10 games left to play and a game in hand on 20th-placed AFC Wimbledon.

Wirral Globe: Tranmere chairman Mark Palios and co-owner wife Nicola PaliosTranmere chairman Mark Palios and co-owner wife Nicola Palios

Understandably, Rovers and their supporters considered such a default relegation to be unjust and Mr Palios has now put forward an alternative way foward.

The proposal is that:

If a decision is taken by a division to end their season now (or indeed at some point in the future but before all of the fixtures are completed):

a) The league table is calculated using a simple PPG basis;
b) There is then applied to the table the statistical average actual margin for error over the last three years (being +6.3 or – 5.45%);
c) Teams in the automatic promotion spots even where the margin for error is applied, should be automatically promoted;
d) Teams in the play-off places or who could be in the play-off places where the margin for error is applied should be invited (but not compelled) to compete in a play-off tournament; and
e) There would either be no relegations, or relegations only of clubs who would be relegated even after the margin of error has been applied.

Under this proposed method of ending the season, Tranmere would not be relegated.

Mr Palios said: "There is no provision in the regulations for cutting a season short. Therefore, unless the EFL’s rules are changed, the ONLY options legally available to it are to play the season to a conclusion of all of the fixtures (however long that might take), or to void the season.   

"Both of these options are understandably unpopular with many clubs, which is why the EFL are asking clubs to vote on changing the rules.  If there is to be a compromise, the regulations of the EFL require it to be one that is fair to all clubs."

Tranmere are offering two versions of their proposal - essentially one that prevents any club from being relegated if the season is curtailed and another that would see clubs relegated who are still in the relegation zone after the PPG proportional error margin has been applied.

The club has now asked the EFL to put their proposal forward to all member clubs with a vbiew to putting the ideas to a vote.

For a full detailed explanation of Tranmere's proposals, click here to read Mark Palios' statement in full.