A man who placed teddy bears in his front window for his grandchildren to spot on their daily lockdown walk is now entertaining the whole street from his drive.

Andy Curran started placing the cuddly toys in street view when his grandchildren told him they were going on a bear hunt in lockdown, spotting all the bears that had been put in windows across the local area.

But Mr Curran and his wife soon decided that it would be more fun if the bears were placed outside on their Graham Road drive in West Kirby, acting out a different scene every day, to the delight of passers-by.

Mr Curran said: "I set up a new scene every day with the bears and their friends. Local children and adults started coming by as part of their daily exercise wanting to see what the bears are doing.

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"I Whatsapped photos of the bears around our social groups and was persuaded to put them on my Facebook page and then also on their own Instagram, @lockdownbears.

"I get up early each day to get the bears set up by 9:00 AM each day and photograph them. I annotate them and post them out by 10:00.

"I now dismantle the sets at 20:00 and put the bears to 'bed'. It was earlier but we noticed some children coming just down before their bed time excited to check out the bears hence it is 20:00 or a bit later.

"There are loads of children from around West Kirby who come around on foot and bikes. Also I have followers from all over the country and several overseas. Both grown ups and children enjoy the variety of activities the bears get up to which brings a smile to their faces and lightens their mood in these troubled times."

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Mr Curran's bears have been an all manner of adventures so far, often with familiar themes, including a sea rescue by the BNLI, Strictly Come dancing, the Chelsea Flower Show and VE day.

The West Kirby resident admits that it is not always easy to think of something new.

He said: "It has been challenging coming up with new ideas every day for the last seven-eight weeks. They have been out every day except three or four when they put on a display in my front window because it was raining.

"There is a big footfall coming to see the bears. More coming around in early evening now, as people are going back to work. 

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"I have been asked questions like, how do the bears run after they did their own London marathon? I said they only run when no one is looking. 

"It is very pleasing to see the smiles and excitement on the small children's faces and adults alike."