A CHARITY which aims to eradicate 'period poverty' in Wirral has given out its 1,000th packet of free sanitary products.

Many households are struggling at present due to financial constraints or because they are self- isolating.

The Pink Box Campaign already had established over 110 distribution points across Wirral over the last two years, but when many organisations and public buildings closed, due to Covid-19, they knew they needed to make an extra effort to support the local community.

Thanks to Wirral Council and a number of other organisations such as Medicash Foundation, Magenta Living and Asda, the Pink Box Campaign has worked alongside the Feeding Birkenhead Supporting Wirral network to distribute over 1,000 packets of sanitary products in under five weeks.

They have also been able to support 18 local organisations with their ongoing community work including Tomorrow's Women Wirral, Wirral Change, The Wirral Deen Centre and the Oak Community Project.

Explaining why the Pink Box Campaign was so important to her, one recipient explained: "I couldn't have managed recently without the Pink Box Campaign.

"I was struggling to cope with finances due to shielding, online shopping and mortgage payments going up. I found myself in unfamiliar territory.

"I was forced to make cuts and some months I just couldn't afford sanitary products amongst other personal items.

"The team at the Pink Box Campaign have allowed me to ask for help, without being judged.

"I have kept my dignity, discreetly allowing me to remain hygienic without losing my decorum or pride. You never know when you might need help, it can happen to anyone in any walk of life.

"I value their services with complete gratitude, and hold them in high esteem for the way they have treated me."

Anna McLaughlin, co-founder and project manager of the Pink Box Campaign said, "We are delighted that we have been able to support so many Wirral residents and organisations during these unprecedented times.

"Period poverty has always been an issue but the Coronavirus pandemic means that many more people are unexpectedly finding they can't afford sanitary protection and we are here to help.

"There are no eligibility criteria for the Pink Box Campaign and no long forms to complete.

"Dignity and discretion are guaranteed. Simply contact us and we will arrange to get sanitary products delivered to your door within a few days.”

Andrew Forsey, director of Feeding Britain, said: "Under Anna's leadership, the Pink Box Campaign has become an integral part of the Feeding Birkenhead Supporting Wirral programme to offer a vital lifeline to so many residents."

For more on the Pink Box Campaign or to make a request for sanitary products contact: pinkboxcampaign@gmail.com