A series of pictures – showing stray bins, furniture and endless plastic bottles dumped down an alleyway – reveal a problem locals have had to put up with for years.

The dumping, in alleyways connecting Raffles Road, Whalley Road and Willmer Road, in Birkenhead, has been a regular occurrence, according to one frustrated resident.

Veronika Lehnertova, 33, who works as a dental nurse, has lived right next to the alleyway for five years and said it has been a popular dumping spot ever since she moved in.

The severity of the problem has left her upset and disappointed, and she wants Wirral Council to do something about it.

Wirral Globe:

Veronika said workers from Wirral Council do come “periodically” to clear the rubbish away, but this does not solve the problem in the long-term.

She added: “The council’s cleaning doesn’t really work. Some people who come down [and dump rubbish in] the alleyway have dogs and they’re pretty aggressive.”

Veronika said items such as old barbecues and trampolines tend to get dumped in the alleyway during spring – items which blight the appearance of the neighbourhood.

She thought Wirral Council should install CCTV and be tougher in their approach to dealing with dumping the area.

Wirral Globe:

But she also thought it was about both education, making sure people knew where to dump rubbish, and providing more public bins in the area for people to put unwanted items, even some of the larger ones described previously.

Reacting to reports of the dumping issue on social media, one person said: “Disgusting, and no excuse whatsoever.”

Perhaps giving Veronika hope, another social media user said: “Such a shame, our entry is packed with plants and flowers, but [it] did take some battles to get it that way.”

Another comment made a suggestion to those living near the alleyway: “Each house should start growing plants outside their yard gate, if everyone starts looking after their bit there might be more respect for their area, in theory lol.”

A spokesperson for Wirral Council, said: “The issue of the persistent dumping of household and domestic waste is an ongoing problem here, despite numerous initiatives to address this.

Wirral Globe:

“Where evidence is found to link an address to deposited waste, an advice/education letter is sent advising that we have evidence that waste came from that household and the potential penalties for this criminal behaviour.

“Unfortunately, we are not able to deploy our CCTV surveillance cameras without benefit of a court order to permit this sort of operation. As this is a private residential location this would be unlikely to be granted due to the potential for infringement of residents right to a private life.”