CUPBOARDS, black bin bags and a bed were among fly-tipped household rubbish removed from a Wirral beauty spot.

A photograph showing the mess left at Estuary Point car park on Leasowe Common was sent to the Globe by reader Tony Graham.

The matter was quickly dealt with by Wirral Council after we raised the issue. They contacted Biffa, who sent out staff to take the rubbish away.  

A council spokesperson told the Globe: "Fly-tipping is unacceptable, no matter the circumstances, and people should be aware that we always investigate incidents and will take enforcement action whenever we find evidence of who might have been responsible for it.

"In this particular case, we are grateful to our contractor, Biffa, for being able to clear the site so quickly."

Hitting out at those responsible for the fly-tipping mess, Tony Graham said: "Apparently the tips are open once more and accepting domestic waste.

"Despite this some mindless person still thought it would be ok to "fly" tip this load of rubbish at the Estuary Point car park on Leasowe Common.

"This area has been a great asset to those of us that live here during the covid lock down and restrictions.

"The area provides a great open space where we have enjoyed our exercise sessions and a chance to safely enjoy some fresh sea air.

"The person who did this has, in effect, showed us all and our precious green-space a total lack of respect.

"In an ideal world the person responsible should read this with shame come along and clean up their mess.

"The truth is of course that even if they do see this they will just assume someone else will clear up after them.

"This is unacceptable, and anti-social.

"Let us hope that those responsible are found out and severely punished - fine them, confiscate their vehicle and make them do community service to help clean up rubbish such as this."