It's now over a month since the UK was put into lockdown to try and prevent the spread of coronavirus, but how has it affected your health?

With gyms forced to close and all organised sporting activities brought to a stop, the temptation to slump on the couch watching box sets all day loomed large.

But with the government permitting the public to leave their homes once a day for exercise purposes, more and more people have been seen walking, running and cycling around our residential streets as well as coastal areas across Wirral.

Wirral Globe: More people appear to be doing family walksMore people appear to be doing family walks

Demand for home gym equipment has never been higher, with online stockists struggling to fulfil requests for treadmills and exercise bikes.

The decent weather enjoyed on the borough in recent weeks has also encouraged more people to get out and about.

Now the Globe wants to know whether our readers feel like they have been exercising more or less since the lockdown began.

Complete our simple reader poll below and we will publish the results early next week. The poll closes on Monday.

Why not also leave a comment on our Facebook page to tell us what you have (or haven't) been doing to keep yourself fit?

We will print a mix of responses online and in next week's paper.

If you are getting out to exercise, please don't forget to continue to follow social distancing guidelines at all times.