A teenager who started painting to kill time during lockdown has produced an artwork so popular that it will now be displayed in Arrowe Park Hospital.

Olivia Williams from Claughton, who didn't take GCSE Art at Birkenhead High School Academy because she didn't think she was good enough, created her masterpiece after receiving paints and a canvas as a present for her 16th birthday, which she was forced to celebrate at home due to government guidelines.

After posting a picture of the finished article - a tribute to front-line doctors and nurses - on Facebook, the schoolgirl was showered with praise before she was eventually contacted by Wirral University Teaching Hospital's Head of Communications, asking for it to be put on show in the Birkenhead hospital building.

Wirral Globe: Olivia Williams attends Birkenhead High School AcademyOlivia Williams attends Birkenhead High School Academy

Olivia's mum Louise Williams said: "When we walked into the kitchen and saw the finished painting we were gob smacked at how good it was, the detail is fab.

"This is her GCSE year, which she's worked so incredibly hard for but can't now properly show off her hard work. She didn't get to have a high school leaving prom or even a goodbye assembly.

"She had to celebrate her 16th birthday on lockdown. She started painting to pass her time and her artwork has received the most amazing response with many asking her to consider selling some of her work.

"We are so proud of her and so overwhelmed at all the lovely comments she has received."

Olivia has already donated a copy to Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, who looked after her Grandad John when he had cancer, with Nanny Linda also currently undergoing immunotherapy under the same expertise.

Wirral Globe: Olivia Williams was forced to celebrate her 16th birthday a home during lockdownOlivia Williams was forced to celebrate her 16th birthday a home during lockdown

Olivia's principle at Birkenhead High School Academy was so proud of her painting, she shared it on the school's Twitter page and asked if she could use the image for the pupils' planners in September.

The school is part of the GDST (Girls Day School Trust), who have asked Olivia to design a similar painting to be displayed in their head office in London, inviting Olivia, her sister Imogen and mum and dad to the capital to help hang the painting.

Beaming mum Louise added: "She is a very quiet, shy girl and we couldn't be more proud of her. She is honestly amazing and so kind hearted and thoughtful."