A fitness-conscious fox has took advantage of current coronavirus lockdown regulations by lording it over a Wirral street in day time hours.

With social distancing and government rules being widely adhered to in Wirral, you could expect to see the occassional walker pass your home at all hours of the day.

But when Globe reader Ron Thomas looked out of his bedroom window at 7am on Saturday morning, he was shocked to spot a streetwise red fox performing an exercise routine in front of his drive.

Ron, who is a member of our Wirral Globe Camera Club facebook group, quickly grabbed his camera and captured the sly four-legged mammal's actions on video.

Speaking to the Globe, Mr Thomas, who always follows the Royal Photograpic Society Nature Photograpers Code of Practice, said: "I was wondering if the early morning visit was due to our current lockdown situation and I think it may be.

Wirral Globe: Photo: Ron ThomasPhoto: Ron Thomas

"This individual looks to have mange (a skin condition) and I will be seeking the advice of an expert so that I can try to treat it."

Despite Mr Thomas' concerns about the fox's health, judging by the video footage, he is in pretty flexible shape and any chickens out exercising would be well-advised to avoid the Oxton area for their own safety.

Wirral Globe: Photo: Ron ThomasPhoto: Ron Thomas