FRIENDS of a devoted Wirral dad who passed away after a battle with cancer are being asked to light candles in his honour later this month.

David Parkes, from Prenton, died in the early hours of last Wednesday (April 1) surrounded by family, after being diagnosed with inoperable Esophageal cancer which had spread.

The Liverpool fan's funeral service will be held in the North Chapel at Landican Cemetery a week on Friday, April 17.

But because the number of people is limited due to the current social distancing measures imposed by the Government, wife Lisa has urged friends to light candles in his honour that day.

She told the Globe today: "Dave has a Liverpool group Facebook page and I have asked people to remember him by lighting a candle in his honour at midday on April 17.

"A lot of his Facebook friends have responded to say they will.

"There is also going to be memorial event at a later date, once all of the Coronavirus restrictions have passed."

Wirral Globe:

Lisa and David (pictured above) married in August 2015.

Life looked like it was on the up with Lisa becoming a teaching assistant and David staying at home with the children.

However their world was turned upside down when David was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in August 2018.

The family began to fear the worst but after radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery to remove David's esophagus, his recovery was full steam ahead.

Early last year David was given the all clear and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

But in November, he began suffering with a sore throat and brushed it off thinking it would pass. On November 28 the family were given the devastating news that David's cancer had returned but this time it was inoperable.

Recalling her husband's bravery, Lisa said: "He was just so brave; kept fighting and fighting.

"I'm humbled by how strong he was.

"We used to joke that he's that much of a joker he'll probably pass away on April 1. Sadly, he did.

"He was such a family man and really doted on his kids; he lived for them

"Throughout his battle he wasn't worried about himself. He was just worried about me, the kids and the house "At the end though, all of his worries were just forgotten about because he was in so much pain."

Wirral Globe:

David, pictured with his family

"On the day before he died, he was so ill and couldn't get out of bed.

"In the end he was really weak.

"On the final day, I sat next to him and said 'you don't need to fight anymore'.

"He looked at me and puckered his lips to kiss me. I just kissed him."

During his fight, David's heartbroken relatives had launched a fundraising to give his family one last holiday together. This will now take place at a later date.