A young schoolgirl has brought some joy to her isolating street, by painting a beautiful rainbow on the pavement outside her family home.

Six-year-old Miley Schultz decided to use her artistic talents to brighten up her road in Upton for passing walkers, out getting their daily period of exercise during the coronavirus lockdown.

And the street work has proved to be a big hit with neighbours, according Miley's dad Simon.

Mr Shultz told the Globe: "My wife is a key worker at Our Lady & St Edward’s Catholic Primary School, which Miley attended before lockdown.

Wirral Globe: Miley at work on her rainbowMiley at work on her rainbow

"Whilst her mum has been teaching key workers' children in school, we’ve been left with a little schedule. We've been trying to keep a little bit of routine, with PE, Maths and English in the mornings, but she gave me free reign in the afternoons! So this kept us busy one afternoon. 

"Miley loves being creative and adores rainbows, so this was right up her street! We’ve been enjoying time together, especially with the nice weather, so this has been the perfect opportunity to get out during lockdown, safely of course."

Mr Shultz is a vehicle technician for Audi by trade but on Monday evening was told not to come back into work. He has been at home looking after Miley ever since but admits to finding it hard being confined to the house.

He added: I’m quite a motivated person, so staying at home with nothing to do is quite difficult for me. 

"I’ve only been out twice since the lockdown; once to drop off supplies to an elderly relative’s doorstep and secondly for a swift bike ride with Miley seated on the back.

"Being part of the ‘Wirral Fill Your Windows With Rainbows’ Facebook group inspired us to go looking for other rainbows made by children across the Wirral. We found 14 rainbows in one hour! It really cheered us up."

Miley, who drew her artwork using chalk, was cheered on by passers-by as she created her rainbow.

Wirral Globe:

One neighbour even posted a letter through the door thanking her for her efforts.

Although keen for the lockdown to be over as much as anyone, Mr Shultz is enjoying spending time with his daughter that he otherwise wouldn't have.

He said: "Although my wife has driven the morning schedule, the afternoons have been all about Miley. We’ve been playing in the garden, painting, baking and making chalk pictures.

Wirral Globe: Miley stands back and admires the finished articleMiley stands back and admires the finished article

"Miley’s favourite film is Mary Poppins, so she has been chalking pictures like Bert since last May. 

"We hope that the lockdown passes by soon, but in the meantime we’re happy to cheer everybody up with our masterpieces."