A WIRRAL man has praised the borough's amazing community spirit during the coronavirus crisis after finding an unexpected package on his doorstep.

Allan Carruthers was at home when he opened the door to find a plastic bag - containing toilet rolls, tissues and hand sanitizer - which had been left by Wallasey-based Bell Mobility.

At a time when people are being told to stay at home, cut off from family and friends, community spirit is strong.

Wirral Globe:

Allan, who has Fibromyalgia multiple medical problems, rents a mobility scooter from the company. He told the Globe: "I just thought it’s such a lovely thought and what kindness from the owner it’s just amazing of them.

"They just left it at my front door but it was after they sent me a message telling me. I rent a mobility scooter from them.

"I am loving how everyone is coming together locally it’s amazing. So proud of Wirral right now".

Business performing extraordinary acts of of kindness include the Atrium Restaurant at Carr Farm Garden Centre in Meols.

It has had to close - along with pubs, restaurants and cafes across Wirral and the country as a result of Government guidance to try and tackle the COVID-19 pandemic - and has donated its food to needy families of children attending Riverside Primary in Seacombe.

Names of the recipients have been picked out of a hat and messages sent. The food will be delivered.

The Arrowe Park Hotel has also donated all their food to people in need and isolation in Woodchurch at this time.

Praising the community spirit is Dorothy Webster, 72, from Moreton.

She told the Globe: "I am quite active. I live alone with no family. I have lived in my area for 26 years. Neighbours don't talk normally. 

"Two fairly new young neighbours have been in touch with me; a lovely note through the letterbox; the other a text from a young female police officer. Both offering help if I need it.

"I'm overwhelmed.

"It's a scary time for all but the kindness of these young people gives you hope for future society."

Send your stories of community generosity during these unprecedented times, to craig.manning@nqnw.co.uk