THE structural restoration of an iconic church can now be completed after a major funding boost.

Ss Peter, Paul & St Philomena's Church in New Brighton - also known as 'The Dome of Home' - has been awarded £362,900 from The National Lottery Heritage Fund to complete the restoration of the majestic dome and main sanctuary.

Described by fundraisers as an "architecturally ambitious basilica", built in 1933, the church dominates Wirral's skyline, and was nicknamed during the Second World War.

Its distinctive green dome has been known as 'The Dome of Home' since mid-20th century, when sailors would see the church from the Mersey.

Previous projects have been phased since 2013 and supported through the National Lottery's Grants for Places of Worship programme, restoring twothirds of the roofs.

However, concrete bursting from the Dome ring is putting previous work at serious risk, and water ingress threatens the historic fabric.

This new project will see the Sanctuary barrel roof covered with a membrane, brick work re-pointed, steel windows restored and cast-iron rainwater goods used to treat structural concrete problems, making the whole church safe and watertight.

Canon Amaury Montjean, Rector of the church said: "This is our biggest project yet, which has taken 18 months of careful planning by a committed team of people.

"Thank you everyone, from the architect and structural engineer, to the wonderful volunteers."

Canon Montjean added: "Match funding is going well, but not yet complete.

"All Churches Trust awarded £12.5k in March 2019 for this project and we have received £15k in private donations.

"We still have another £17k to raise and launch a further fundraising campaign today."

Project manager Anne Archer said: "Our volunteers have worked extremely hard planning this project, proving that we have the capacity to succeed.

"It is these people who have won this award for our church.

"The grant will ensure the dome becomes a living, lasting legacy for the New Brighton community."