A SITE agent who enticed children into his home to see his model railway and gave them gifts has been jailed for 13 years for historic sex abuse.

David Almond abused two young girls who lived on the estate which he managed more than 30 years ago and then in the 1990’s he also sexually molested another young girl and a boy.

Almond, now 76, of Summertrees Avenue, Greasby, was told by Judge Andrew Menary, QC, the Recorder of Liverpool, that he had taken advantage of his situation as site manager to abuse the two girls, aged about eight years old.

"I have no doubt that you enticed them in with sweets and other treats.

"You plainly did not cause every child that age to your home - but the evidence suggests that youhad an unhealthy interest in some of them."

The city's crown court heard that the impact on one of them in particular had been "profound. In her moving victim statement she outlines the consequences for her of this vile abuse.

It has had and continues to have an effect on every aspect of her life ... I have no doubt she has suffered severe psychological harm,” said Judge Menary.

He said that parents on the estate became suspicious and he was confronted by at least one of them and he may have stopped in fear that his activities would come to light.

But some years later “you resumed your old ways” with a girl aged between 8 and 12 and boy of a similar age. The court heard that one offence against the boy would now be considered rape and carrying a potential life sentence.  “You actions corrupted these children,” added the judge.

Almond, denied the allegations but was convicted of 12 offences involving indecent assault and indecency with a child, some of them involving abuse on more than one occasion.

Judge Menary said that while people had spoken highly of Almond in references “they were unaware of this dark side to your character where you targeted and exploited very young children, not once but repeatedly.

“You avoided investigation and prosecution for many years because they were young and too afraid to speak out,” he added.

He jailed him for a total of 13 years with an extended one year licence.