A WIRRAL vet has urged pet owners to be vigilant after a cat was poisoned by drinking a potentially lethal dose of antifreeze.

Ella is still being treated at Medivet Heswall, where everything is being done to save her life after she suffered massive kidney failure.

A Heswall vet has urged locals to be vigilant after a pet cat was poisoned after drinking a potentially lethal dose of antifreeze.

Branch partner and veterinary surgeon Sharon Williams said: "The chemicals in antifreeze, screen wash and brake fluid are sweet tasting to animals so they're tempted to lick up any liquid that’s been spilled.

"There's a far greater risk to pets and wildlife during the cold weather when people are using antifreeze on their windscreens.

"These liquids should always be stored in a safe, secure place, spillages cleared up thoroughly and bottles disposed of properly, once finished."

Ella's owner Liz le Gresley was full of praise for the Medivet Heswall staff, who showed incredible compassion.

Liz commented: "Ella hadn't been herself at all and was completely off her food.

"When she started vomiting we rushed her into the vets.

"We were shocked after the blood tests revealed that the cause of Ella’s condition was likely to be antifreeze poisoning.

"The team at Heswall have been brilliant from the start – showing compassion above and beyond the call of duty.

"Ella is fighting for her life at the moment, and for giving her that chance - we can't thank them enough."

Sharon added: "If anyone suspects that their pet has drunk antifreeze, they should seek the advice of a vet immediately - as time is of the essence."