A YOUNG Wirral woman and her partner, who callously burgled her parents’ home stealing almost £4000, brazenly vanished from court during a break in their sentencing hearing.

Heather Morgan and Joshua Hoijord had admitted the break-in, which they carried out after cleverly checking that the victims were out, but the hearing was briefly adjourned so that inquiries could be made about possible domestic violence between the couple.

Judge David Aubrey, QC, renewed their bail on condition they did not leave the court building and did not speak to each other - but when the hearing was resumed he was told that they had vanished.

He consequently issued bench warrants for their arrest, without provision for bail, and having earlier heard defence mitigation for 28-year-old Hoijord he promptly went on to sentence him to 18 months imprisonment in his absence.

He said he concluded that Hoijord, who has previous convictions, was “the prime mover” although Morgan had a high level of culpability, “They both went to the house and both entered it and it was undoubtedly a joint enterprise.”

Michael Stephenson, prosecuting, told Liverpool Crown Court that 27-year-old Morgan had been living in a property in Poulton Road, Wallasey owned by her parents Pam and Dave Morgan.

On November 13 Mrs Morgan was at home when Heather rang asking if she could bring her some cigarettes. She said she would but was going out herself first to the dentist. Knowing the house in Liscard was empty the two defendants then broke in and stole £3,740 from where Heather knew cash would be kept.

The culprits were identified from security CCTV and they were arrested some days later by which time the money had been spent.

When interviewed they both admitted their guilt and Hoijord said that he had spent the money on debts, which the court heard that included getting back his impounded car.

In an impact statement Mrs Morgan said she and her husband were concerned about the turn her daughter’s life had taken including being detached from her young son.

They hope she can get some rehabilitation as otherwise fear her life would spiral further out of control.

Judge Aubrey said the statement was “poignant” and described Mrs Morgan, a foster mum, as “salt of the earth”. He said she stated, “we have given her everything a girl could want. We just cannot believe she would assist people to steal from us and slander and shame us to anyone who is willing to listen.”

He added it was apparent the defendants had become addicted to Class A controlled drugs.

John Weate, defending, said that Hoijord had been out of trouble since 2012 but drifted into drugs about six months earlier after becoming estranged from his family.

“As a consequence of being in debt he committed this offence to deal with the pressures that put him under. It is something he now bitterly regrets,” said Mr Weate.

He denied that there had been any incidents of domestic violence though the inquiries initiated by the judge revealed that the police had been called out once to the Poulton Road address.

Morgan’s lawyer, John Ballam, told the judge after she failed to return to court, “I am concerned that her absence will be detrimental to her and it may not be entirely voluntary from her point of view.”