A MAN quarantined at Arrowe Park Hospital for two weeks following the coronavirus outbreak in China said he was looking forward to a pint and feeding the goldfish after leaving isolation today.

Matt Raw was one of 83 people allowed to leave isolation at Arrowe Park after testing negative for coronavirus.

The 38-year-old from Knutsford shouted "We're free!" after walking out into the fresh air.

The 83 had been kept at the facility for two weeks following their return from Wuhan, China.

Mr Raw said he was "ecstatic" that he, mother Hazel, 75, his wife Ying, 38, and all of the others who had been on the evacuation flight to Britain with them tested negative for the virus.

Looking forward to going home, he said: "It is absolutely lovely to be out and I'll no doubt be going out for a pint a little bit later."

Once back in Knutsford he plans to put the heating on and feed the goldfish.

Books and board games had been donated to the facility by members of the public to keep them entertained during their fortnight stay.

Praising the staff, he continued: "The wonderful, wonderful staff of the NHS, they have really done their very best to make us as comfortable as possible," he said.

"We're not prisoners.

"They're trying to make us feel like, if anything, we're just on holiday for a couple of weeks, maybe without the swimming pool."

Mr Raw said his mother, who has dementia, was one of the first to leave on Thursday and had gone to stay in a care home for a couple of weeks.

He said: "She's not really totally aware of where she is and what's happening but she's certainly enjoying all of the attention to a degree."

Two buses carrying people who had been in isolation left the hospital on Thursday afternoon.

A small number of people, who arrived from China on a later flight, remain at the hospital and are due to go home at the weekend.

Dr William Welfare, interim deputy director for health protection at Public Health England North West, said: "We would like to thank all of those who have been staying at Arrowe Park for their patience and support over the last two weeks.

"All the test results from flight one have come back negative so we can be very clear that all of those leaving today do not pose risk to the wider public.

"We're delighted they're leaving and they'll be able to continue with their normal lives."

Dr Kieran Murphy, deputy medical director for NHS England in the North West, said: "I think it's been great to see how everyone across Wirral has stepped up to the plate to help our guests from Wuhan and China."