Liverpool City Region’s Metro Mayor has reacted to the news that Prime Minister Boris Johnson has given the green light for the implementation of HS2.

The national high speed rail project has caused controversy with spiralling costs and disruption to towns and villages along the planned route.

But despite criticism of the HS2 company’s management, the Prime Minister confirmed that the project will go ahead with a minister appointed to oversee its completion, an announcement that Mr Rotheram felt didn’t go far enough.

He said: “The Prime Minister’s commitment to deliver HS2 in full today is welcome, but falls short of the full and unequivocal commitment to both HS2 and Northern Powerhouse Rail that the north needs.

“I will continue to push – alongside my fellow Northern leaders – for delivery of the new west-east rail line, fully integrated with HS2, that our city region needs.

“Improving rail connectivity is vitally important but, for the vast majority of people, transport is not about big national schemes, they want a local transport system they can rely on every day.

“That’s why later this month I will be announcing my plans to improve our local bus services, as part of my wider ambition to build a London-style transport system for our area. I’ve been calling for more funding for local transport, so it is promising to see the announcement of a £5bn fund that will invest in buses.

“I will be working hard to lobby the government to make sure that our region gets its fair share of that money.”

The planned route is due to be completed by 2040, linking London to Birmingham and then Machester and Leeds, but does not include Liverpool.