A unique wellbeing company in Bromborough that has been quietly improving the lives of women in the area is celebrating two successful years in business.

Grit + Grace describes itself as a women’s lifestyle transition platform. The club uses fitness coaching and mindset shifting to facilitate lifestyle changes to “get you on the road to living a life you dream of, in a fit, strong, healthy body that you love.”

Created by Vicci Phillips, the club is predominantly aimed at significantly improving the health of women who would ordinarily never consider going to a gym.

Vicci said: “It’s all very well having gyms pop up left right and centre, but these gyms serve a specific population - the population who can psychologically access the provision.

“According to Sport England, 75% of women do not exercise for fear of judgement. Other factors proving a barrier for a lot of women have been identified, such as lacking self confidence, intimidation, dealing with anxiety or depression, dislike of exercise or women simply thinking they are too old, too unfit, too big or too small.

Wirral Globe:

“The idea of a gym or exercise can evoke so much fear and anxiety making a regular gym totally inaccessible.

“We have an overwhelming number of women needlessly suffering, unable to access a healthy active life.

“By simply making a change in lifestyle choices, they can significantly change their health, their life and the future they are heading towards. But it’s not that simple is it?

“It if was that simple we wouldn’t be in the midst of an obesity; diabetes and mental health crisis.”

Grit + Grace started on February 8, 2018 with just six members. They are now serving over 80 Wirral women every week.

The club has attracted a broad age range of members, spanning from 18-64. They recently held their first social event at the Mediteranean Kitchen in Bromborough and are also running a Couch-to-5k programme.

Wirral Globe: A flourishing social scene has blossomed out of the club's memebershipA flourishing social scene has blossomed out of the club's memebership

Women wanting to improve their health are encouraged to visit Vicci’s website for futher details: http://vicciphillips.com/ or simply give Vicci a call on 07810 623931.

To celebrate their second birthday, Grit + Grace are gifting 2x two month complimentary memberships. Contact Vicci on the number above for more details.