A teenager hampered by behavioural issues has found an incredible way to find calm in himself, after discovering he could play the piano.

Louis Johnson, from Birkenhead, suffers with ADHD, Autism and a sleep disorder and found himself in and out of different schools since he was diagnosed at the age of six.

The 13-year-old first discovered the piano while still in primary school when he realised that pressing the keys made him more chilled, but without the luxury of a music tutor, Louis eventually took matters into his own hands and taught himself how to play simply by watch tutorials on YouTube.

Louis sad: "I was first shown the piano about five years ago by my dad, but I only really played joke songs then. I've only just started to get properly in to it recently. The piano is really simple but it can be used beautifully. It is really empowering to be able to play such a big instrument."

Now a settled pupil at the Observatory School in Bidston, Louis wows his class mates and others with his undoubted talent, as our video clearly shows.

Wirral Globe:

His teaching assistant, Miss S Kelly, said: "Louis uses the piano as a strategy to help regulate himself during the school day and sometimes even during lessons.

"It is proving to be such an effective strategy for him and is enhancing his learning across all subjects, boosting his confidence and reducing maladaptive behaviours that used to be an issue for him. It's amazing to see and hear how talented Louis is.

"Of a morning, we all sit and chill in form and listen to Louis' new song that he's been practicing. At the moment it's Chopin's nocturne prelude, which he can now play with his eyes shut!

"The piano is helping to develop Louis's confidence and social communication as Louis has even started sharing his skills with the other young people in class by very patiently teaching them whatever they wish to learn. It's an absolute pleasure working with Louis, he is an extremely talented young person."

Teacher Tony Kobus added: What Miss Kelly has said truly reflects the positive impact Louis' piano playing has had on himself, pupils and staff.

"It is amazing to listen to him in the morning and see how quickly he can learn new tunes. In the future we hope take Louis to play on one of the Liverpool One pianos and also for Louis to do a concert for the school."