A FATHER and son who burst into a house in Birkenhead with a machete to attack another man over a grievance have been jailed.

The young man they were looking for after he had allegedly threatened the son's partner was out but his dad, John Glover, was struck on the arm with the lethal weapon while trying to protect himself from the intruders.

21-year-old Stephen Kane Coleman, who appeared at Liverpool Crown Court via video link for sentence for a string of offences, smirked and laughed as he was sentenced to eight years imprisonment.

His dad, Stephen Roy Coleman, 43, was jailed for four and a half years, after admitting burglary with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm and being in breach of a suspended sentence imposed for a burglary plot in Fleetwood.

Judge David Aubrey, QC, told drug dealer Coleman, jnr, and his dad: "I have come to the view you are both serial criminal offenders.

"Throughout many a year each of you have cared not for society, have cared not for others and have inflicted damage upon others."

He told the two men, both of Boundary Road, Birkenhead: "The time has come where the public require protection from each of you."

The court had heard that the two men rushed round to the victim’s home in Hampden Road, Tranmere, on the afternoon of August 3 last year after they separately received a “frantic” call from Coleman jnr’s partner, Morgan Woodward.

She claimed she had been "roughed up" and threatened with a short Samurai sword by Curtis Glover while she was in Ilchester Park with her two young children and he was demanding to know where her partner was.

Michael Stephenson, prosecuting, told the court that an hour later, at 3 pm, the defendants arrived at Mr Glover's home and the dad kicked the door open and he went in with his son behind him carrying a machete.

Coleman, snr. came face to face with John Glover and was demanded to know where Curtis was and his son leaned over his shoulder and swung the machete at Mr Glover.

Mr Glover put his arm up to defend himself and was injured by the weapon but he and his partner then managed to keep the living room door shut while the machete was pushed towards them through a crack between the door and frame.

The defendants left and CCTV footage showed Coleman jnr. damaging windows of the property with the weapon and throwing property out, causing a total of £2,000 damage.

He was arrested two days later and made no comment. His dad was arrested on September 28.

Coleman jnr pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary, wounding with intent and criminal damage following that incident.

He was on bail at the time for three offences of possessing Class A drugs with intent to supply, which he admitted.

Michael Stephenson, prosecuting, told the court that he was arrested in Newton in Powys on August 19, 2018 in possession of 60 wraps of heroin worth almost £1,000 and he admitted that he had intended to set his his own drugs business there.

On June 18 last year, while on bail for that offence, he was stopped while a passenger in a car in Well Lane, Birkenhead by police.

He gave a false name but his true identity was revealed and his phone disclosed a drug dealing message. “He had a Kinder egg in his underwear containing 65 wraps of heroin and crack cocaine with a street value of £650.”

He had 17 burglaries, 13 of them dwelling house raids, mainly involving stealing car keys from the property and making off with vehicles, taken into consideration.

The court heard that his previous convictions include drug dealing in Scotland which landed him with a three year custodial sentence in 2016.

His father has 38 previous convictions including an attack on an ATM with a still saw.

John Weate, defending, said that after being released from jail in March 2018 he got a job as a ground worker and “looked to be going in the right direction.”

The background to the offence involved “a unique set of circumstances,” he said. He had been aware of trouble between his son and Curtis Glover and on August 3 after having a few drinks with colleagues after work he got a call from his son’s girlfriend saying she “had been roughed up” and threatened with a machete.

"He emotionally lost the plot and decided to go round and sort Curtis Glover out.

"He jumped into a taxi and went to the address and in the meantime his daughter-in-law had telephoned his son who went to the scene as well."

Mr Weate said that Coleman denied knowing his son had a machete when they entered the property.

Curtis was not there as he was in custody being questioned about the complaint Ms Woodward had made.

The court heard that he was not convicted following her complaint.

Anna Duke, defending, said that after his release in Scotland he still had a drugs debt and went back to dealing. “He has not had the best start in his life, he has no life skills and little education.”

He received a “frantic” call from his partner and “reverted to type in panic and armed himself with a weapon which he had at home because of his drug supplying life style.”