A 'FRIGHTENING' text message sent to a Labour councillor is being investigated by Merseyside Police.

In the message, sent to councillor Janette Williamson,  three female councillors were accused of being on the 'traitor gravy train'.

The message also accused Labour of treating white working class men as "the enemy" and called the councillors "disgraceful" for neglecting the borough.

This message is just the latest abuse suffered by the deputy leader of Wirral Council's Labour group.

In October, the Local Democracy Reporting Service reported on her powerful speech at full council, in which the Liscard councillor revealed she had been called a "Marxist witch" and mocked with vile rape jokes.

The recent text message was reported to Merseyside Police, who told the LDRS it was aware of it and is investigating.

Cllr Williamson said: "I have raised this issue before and was pleased at the reception from all parties – but it is something which continues and we must carry on our fight to stamp out this kind of despicable and appalling behaviour.

"I was one of three women councillors on Wirral Council who received this text sent late at night from what police have said is an untraceable phone.

"I have stood up for what I believe and accept that being in the public eye means I will be challenged and confronted by those who disagree with me – but it cannot be acceptable to send threatening messages such as this."

The texter, who is understood to have used a ‘burner’ phone accused Labour of viewing people who voted Leave in the EU referendum as racist.

In the message, in which they ironically addressed themselves as "xenophobic racist nazi, neo-fascist extreme right wing Brexit voter", the texter appeared to accuse Cllr Williamson's party of viewing white, working class people from the north of England as "dirty, uneducated and feckless".

Cllr Williamson told the LDRS this message, with its aggression and claims of treachery, was part of a broader trend of violent and threatening behaviour by the far-right.

She added: "This message carried many of the same kinds of phrases [as those which are] used by the far right and extremists, and can only be a reminder that fears which came to the fore when Jo Cox was murdered in 2016 have not gone away.

"The only reason anyone could have for sending something like this is to try to silence me, and those like me, who are prepared to put themselves forward in support of the causes they believe in.

"The sender of this message was clearly trying to frighten me, but did so in a cowardly way, hiding behind a 'burner phone' like any other criminal.

"I am now calling on all others in the public eye to call out those who behave in this way.

"Only by working together and bringing this kind of shameful behaviour can we hope to have a democracy that is respectful to everyone's views."