A WIRRAL funeral director is helping to raise cash for children in A&E by opening her home to the public over the festive season.

Sue Porter is welcoming visitors into her home to enjoy a spectacular festive village display in a bid to raise cash for Arrowe Park Hospital's children's A&E department - a cause close to her heart.

Sue, from Woodchurch, first created the Christmas village several years ago for her grandchildren but it has since grown to take over her entire living room.

She told the Globe: "It's grown from a village into an estate now! It's just grown and grown each year.

"We first decided to just do it for our grandchildren but then it grew and we decided to let people come along and raise some cash for charity.

"The children's A&E department at Arrowe Park Hospital is very close to my heart and we'd like to raise some money for them.

"Each year we completely empty our living room, clearing out all furniture just to put in place the Christmas scene.

"We open from5.30pm to 9pm Monday to Friday then 4pm to 9pm on the weekends.

"By all means everyone is invited, but you will need to get in touch with me first, through Facebook."