A GROUP of Falklands War veterans have donated £605 to a community farm that helps people with lifelong learning disabilities and mental health issues.

Former shipmates from the Survey Ships Association meet annually at different locations across the UK with their latest reunion at the Mecure Hotel near Chester.

A raffle held during the formal dinner raised £605 for Bridge Community Farms.

Mick Slater of The Survey Ships Association said: “Every year we choose a small, local charity where donations can make a real difference to their work.

“We were delighted to support Bridge Community Farms this year and hope that our donation will help to support the incredible work that they do in the community.”

The Survey Ships Association was formed in 1992 when a small group of ex-HMS Hydra ships company got together to mark the tenth anniversary of the ship's service in the Falklands War of 1982.

HMS Hydra was a Royal Navy deep ocean hydrographic survey vessel until becoming famous as a hospital ship during the conflict.

Bridge Community Farms general manager Clair Johnson said: “We were touched and delighted to receive this generous donation.”

Based on Mill Lane, off Overpool Road in Ellesmere Port, the charity works with staff, donors, fundraisers and volunteers to provide a therapeutic and caring environment for those with lifelong learning difficulties and mental health issues.

Training and life skills are offered to youngsters struggling to thrive in a standard academic environment as well as guidance, support and work experience.

The charity also runs a popular fresh organic vegetable box scheme across the region as well as weekly groups to reduce social isolation in the community.

For more information on the charity visit https://bwgardens.co.uk/ or call 07446 699995.