HEARTBROKEN relatives are aiming to raise £2,000 to give a Wirral family one last holiday together after their dad was diagnosed with inoperable esophageal cancer.

Lisa and David Parkes, from Prenton, first met when they were 10-years-old and over the years their relationship began to grow.

In 1998 they moved in together and decided that they wanted to start a family, heartbreakingly they were told that the only way of them having a baby would be through IVF.

After beginning treatment in 2000, Lisa and David underwent three IVF attempts on the NHS but sadly none were successful.

The pair took on Lisa's cousins children twins Ellie-May and Cole in March 2010 and then Callum and Kelsey in 2012.

In the meantime Lisa's mum Ann had been saving cash to be able to fund private IVF treatment.

After undergoing treatment in July 2010, Lisa and Dave received the news everyone had been waiting for - they were expecting twins.

Lisa's brother Jimmy Hanaghan told the Globe: "I was overcome with joy when I found out, as was anyone that knew them, especially our mum.

"In February 2011 at the age of 55 our mum sadly passed away, it had been 15 years since she was first diagnosed with systemic sclerosis and had fought off various health issues over the years, but she couldn’t fight any longer.

"The grief for Lisa was compounded as mum would never get to meet her two new grandchildren.

"In April 2011 Lisa gave Birth to Annie and Zach.

Wirral Globe:

Lisa and David Parkes

"Lisa struggled to begin with, still trying to come to terms with the loss of our mum, but with some help Lisa was soon to become the mother we all knew she would be."

The couple got married in August 2015 and life looked like it was on the up with Lisa becoming a teaching assistant and David staying at home with the children.

However their world was turned upside down when David was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in August 2018.

The family began to fear the worst but after radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery to remove David's esophagus, his recovery was full steam ahead.

Earlier this year David was given the all clear and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

However just over four weeks ago, David began suffering with a sore throat and brushed it off thinking it would pass.

Jimmy explained: "Like most men David thought it was just a sore throat and it would pass but it didn’t so he got an appointment at the Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) clinic for some tests.

"A little while later they had an appointment come through for David from the oncology unit which my sister thought was strange as she knew his next appointment was next year.

"So Lisa called them up to see what was going on and she was told that they had been referred to them by the ENT.

"This was devastating enough as they knew the cancer must be back."

Wirral Globe:

Lisa and David with some of their children

Tragically on November 28 the family were given the devastating news that David's cancer had returned but this time it was inoperable.

Jimmy added: "They can start him on treatment but they feel ultimately that David is terminal and estimated he may have 12 months left to live.

"As you can imagine this has completely devastated the whole family and everyone that knows them.

"They’ve been through so much already and now this.

"I kept telling my sister that she’s the strongest person I know and there no amount of bad luck that can stop her but this might be too much for even the strongest of people."

Now the family are hoping to raise £2,000 for David, Lisa and their children to have one last holiday together to create memories they can cherish forever.

On the GoFundMe page Jimmy wrote: "I would like to try and raise some money for them so they can go on one last holiday together as a family.

"I know money is tight for everyone at this time a year so I appreciate any amount you can spare."

To donate to Lisa and Dave's GoFundMe page visit https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-a-loving-family-who039ve-had-devastating-news?