A YOUNG Wirral gymnast has defied the odds to become the new under 10s North West champion after receiving a gold medal.

Rock Ferry Primary School pupil Emelia Grace Foy, took part in the North West tumbling competition on November 23 at Robin Park in Wigan.

The nine-year-old competed against 23 girls across the region to take the gold medal and be crowned the new under 10s North West champion.

This is something her family never believed Emelia would be able to achieve after being born with hip dysplasia.

Her proud mum Natalie told the Globe: "Emelia was born with hip dysplasia with both hips out of the socket and spent months of her infant days in legs braces.

"Emelia trains at Wirral Gymnastics Club five days a week and I never thought she would be able to do gymnastics never mind compete at this level competition I am extremely proud of her.

"Head coach Michelle Stalker and Hannah Saunders have been amazing with Emelia and really brought her on.

"Thanks to the club and sport. the exercise, strength and conditioning that goes into Emelia's training means that she no longer needs physiotherapy and her specialist is really pleased with her progress.

"Gymnastics is a brilliant sport and I can't thank the club enough for their time - it's a fantastic club.

"Emelia's head teacher Ms Radley is also extremely proud of her representing the school and supports her 100%."