IT'S the ideal wake up call for the festive season.

Sleeping Beauty - sub-titled Bohemian Napsody - is here for the winter months in Hope Street.

Happily, a Brexit-free zone.

There's a warm, zany glow in store for fans of this well-established Merseyside tradition - the ever raucous and reliable rock 'n' roll panto.

The moment you enter the theatre and see designer Dinah England's two-tier, pop-up book styled set this production demands that you let your hair down. It is mandatory to be merry.

It is loosely based on the famous fairy tale but in the hands of the stalwart team of writers Sarah A Nixon and Mark Chatterton (who directs) all manner of mayhem ensues where Back to the Future meets Wizard of Oz.

It is a formula that continues to tick all the Christmas boxes. And the company are very easy to like.

Adam Keast is back as the panto's 'every man' this time playing Sir Roger – a character so endearing that if they ever re-make the classic film Elf he would be an ideal choice.

He is reminiscent of the great, versatile Dudley Moore.

Adam's usual on stage, panto partner Francis Tucker is not in the ten-strong line-up this year

Stepping into the sparkling shoes is Matthew Quinn who is an inspired piece of casting.

He has an engaging personality and a cracking voice as shown on the Dolly Parton / Whitney Houston classic I Will Always Love You - a highlight amid a well chosen array of songs from You Sexy Thing to Queen's We Will Rock You.

Musical director and arranger Greg Last has come up trumps again.

There is a charming entourage of all singing, all dancing fairies including Anna Soden as Poppins, Holly Mallett's Chamomile and Stanton Wright's Lavender.

Heroine Stephanie Hockley is simply smashing as Princess Rosa - feisty and fun while Jamie Noar's Prince Caspar displays great comic timing.

And crack open the boos for Gracie Lai's black-clad villain-ess Magnificent.

Full marks to Danny Burns for changing into so many of the excellent costumes and fleshing out bizarre character creations at the drop of a hat.

You can always count on the Everyman's Christmas show – an annual feel good, fizzy party.

A joyous jukebox musical.

Four stars

Works like a dream!

The production is on until January 18, 2020

Tickets from box office on 0151 709 4776