The LDRS is taking a look at all four Wirral seats ahead of the 2019 General Election.

The election takes place on December 12 and comes less than two-and-half years after the snap election in 2017.

We have included all the candidates standing in each constituency, plus information on the area covered by the seat.

Here is our guide to Wirral South:

Wirral South boundaries

The Wirral South constituency is made up of Bebington, Bromborough, Clatterbridge, Eastham, and Heswall.

Wirral South make-up

At the last election, 56,238 people were eligible to vote in Wirral South.

How the seat voted in previous elections

Labour have held the seat since a by-election in 1997, but before that the Conservatives held it with healthy majorities.

At the last election, Alison McGovern held the seat for Labour with a majority of 8,000, but the race is not expected to be a walkover for her this time.

In 2017, turnout increased to 78.4%.

Candidates standing

Alison McGovern (Labour)

Stewart Gardiner (Conservative)

Christopher Carubia (Liberal Democrat)

Harry Gorman (Green)

Martin Waring (Brexit Party)


Wirral South is a seat Labour must win if Jeremy Corbyn is to enter number 10 on December 13.

But they face a challenge from the Tories here. At the local elections in May, the Conservatives got 36% of the vote to Labour’s 32%.

Wirral South voted 53%-47% in favour of remain in 2016. This should comfort Ms McGovern, as she has been a strong supporter of a second referendum and is a committed remainer.

But remain voters may switch to the Lib Dems and the Greens, who have far clearer lines on Brexit than Labour at a national level.

If the Conservatives can sweep up Wirral South’s Brexit vote, they stand a chance. However, the Brexit Party are standing here and may split the leave vote.