Chris Diamond travelled to Snetterton for the final Armed Forces Race Challenge race of the season, competing as part of the Army Sports Car Racing sprint team.

SATURDAY October 12 was the final Armed Forces Race Challenge event of the season.

It was wrapped up on a wet and generally unpleasant day around the Snetterton 300 circuit.

The Novice Championship was still, just, within grasp but it was going to take a gargantuan effort to get it.

My nearest rival and teammate Ro Barrett was leading the standings after we'd had polarised results at Donington Park. Race1 was critical …


The rain had been with us since Friday afternoon so the circuit was fully wet.

Snetterton had a reputation for being slippy and having not been here before – I had to dip my toe before diving in.

I positioned myself at the back of the assembly line meaning I'd avoid much pressure and get the best opportunity to ramp up over a couple of laps.

It worked – I was able to keep it on the black stuff and build up to qualify 23rd place for race one.

Race One

The rain had abated slightly for the first race but the track was still very wet, I just had to hope that I'd gained enough of a feel for it in qualifying.

The start, as always, was hectic and with a few of us vying for position through the slippy first few corners – surviving was high on the list of priorities for lap one.

I lost a couple of places initially but some over-eager people did end up off the track and that's where my caution paid off.

I was doing well with the consistency too until I came on the back of an MX5 and getting past that – managed to batter my previous PB lap time, destroying my overall consistency.

I finished 23rd – but found out shortly after that Ro had wrapped up the Novice title.

I was gutted, but it also meant that I could go out and flat-out fight in race two.

Race two

With the rain having stopped fully after race one, the track had begun to dry out as we formed up for our final race of the year.

I was feeling good about this one – with the novice title wrapped up, the consistency requirement was done … I would be going at it properly.

I got a good start, jumping a number of cars in front of me.

Having worked the car hard on the warm-up, tyres and brakes were ready to work at the hairpin turn two.

I held a good line through the first few corners and punched some holes through the field.

Throughout I had a great battle with one of the Navy team in his Mk6 Fiesta ST.

He was on rainsports so early on had the edge with a little more grip – especially around the long right hander of Corum.

We swapped places a few times over the middle few laps, constantly working to set-up passes on each other and defend where possible.

It was great fun, racecraft was clean and tidy between us, a characteristic of the series, and something we are always commended for.

Eventually I was able to make a solid pass, put a car between us and pull away with a lap to go.

It was a great way to see out my first season of racing – it's been a fantastic learning experience and I've thoroughly enjoyed representing the Army.

I'd like to push a massive thank you out to those who supported me this year – especially my local sponsors; Cheshire Oaks Honda, IAM Roadsmart, RRR Remaps and Colourspray.

Thanks to the Wirral Globe for pushing out these race reports and finally to the multiple companies that support the Army team.

It's been an awesome year!