CAMPAIGNERS say plans for new-build apartments overlooking Red Rocks in Hoylake are "unsympathetic to the local character and history".

If Blueoak Estates' Wirral Point development is approved, nine 'high quality' apartments and underground parking will replace the existing building at 37 Stanley Road.

Blueoaks say the proposal follows 'detailed analysis of the site' and takes into consideration local requirements. 

But residents in Hoylake say they are aghast at the scheme, which is expected to be considered by councillors next year following a consultation.

The say the new structure would dominate the Red Rocks coastline and fear it could jeopardise £80million for the local community if The Open Golf Championship's return is compromised.

The Royal Liverpool Golf Club has also raised their concerns directly with the architects and does not currently support the planning application.

A spokesman for the protest told the Globe: "The allocation of The Open is a highly rigorous and competitive process, and under the supervision of the R&A the course structure has been altered to make the most of the spectacular views over Red Rocks and out towards Hilbre Island and North Wales.

"It is crucial for the event that the course and the vista are suitable for showing the sport in the best possible light.

"Objections to the plans submitted by Blueoaks Estates Limited are far reaching.

"Red Rocks is an area of outstanding beauty and an access point to a site of special scientific interest - the nature reserve identified by Cheshire Wildlife Trust as

"Our only coastal reserve, consisting of sand dunes, reedbeds and marsh".

"The Wirral and specifically this corner has huge historical, environmental and scientific relevance.

"King William III walked and sailed his men from the end of Stanley Road in 1690; today the threatened Natter-jack toads live in the proposed demolition site.

"TV watchers will know the area through shows like Saving lives at sea, Peter Kay's Car share, Candy Cabs and many others.

"It is a huge resource, a free and well utilised space for walkers, families, rehabilitation and wellbeing.

"The beach at Red Rocks is used by a plethora of groups including beach yoga, wind kiting and exploring.

"Scout and guide groups regularly use the area just below the proposed balconies for activities and campfires.

"While this all is going on in a public place it is very secluded and private, perfect for gaining confidence, contemplation and balance.

"Developments that enhance local enterprise, community and environment such as The Beacon project and The Hoylake RNLI building have found favour and support from the local community.

"However this commercial development offers no benefit or contribution to the community and impacts dramatically on the environment.

"This building feels a like a 'city build' over a music venue, where the new residents will complain about the noise, and yet the privacy and intimacy of what was there already will be destroyed."

According to one Stanley Road resident "It is a monstrosity resembling an oligarch's testicle"

Designed by the Liverpool architects Falconer Chester Hall (FCH), it is inspired by the natural sandstone formations of the surrounding Red Rocks.

The Heritage Assessment concluded that: "The new building has been designed in a contemporary manner, which is an honest and acceptable response to its surroundings avoiding a pastiche approach.

"The proposal meets the test laid down by national guidance, and it is therefore considered that planning approval should be awarded."