FIFTY brave people bared their soles for a walk along hot coals in aid of Wirral Hospice St John's.

They trod over several feet of glowing hot embers for the event near the hospice grounds.

A team of around hospice staff and regular volunteers joined the rest of the prospective firewalkers in a motivational workshop an hour before the event, delivered by master firewalk instructor, Steve Consalvez of Success Formulae.

A hospice spokesman said: "Some people were 'in the zone' early during the session and demonstrated supreme focus by agreeing to walk over broken glass or breaking arrows, normally used in archery, against a wall using only their throats!

"All this before embarking on the FireWalk."

Outside was a stunning sight for a large and supportive, and possibly more apprehensive, crowd of spectators who watched as organisers set fire to a bonfire of charcoal logs for the firewalk, with the atmosphere being further stoked by Batala Mersey, a drumming band who brought the upbeat rhythm of Afro-Brazilian samba to an exciting and inspirational evening.

The audience cheered and chanted loudly as each of the Firewalkers emerged from the workshop and lined up to take their first step. Then, after a deep breath, each person strode across the glowing mass of embers, sparks and cinders burning at around 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now, a special type of respect is ascribed to all those people who crashed through their personal barriers to walking purposefully over several metres of hot coals and all to raise funds for their beloved, local hospice.

Sarah Burgess, Wirral Hospice St John's fundraising officer, said: "It was a special evening.

"We're so in awe of our fabulous firewalkers and, in fact, of all of the individuals and businesses who take part in, and support the hospice through sponsorship, challenges and events throughout the year.

"Their dedication means we can provide the specialised nursing and clinical services so cherished by our whole Wirral community."

If people would still like to donate to the hospice team there is a link here,