A MESSAGE from Hollywood actor Johnny Depp to one of the builders of the Black Pearl has taken centre stage on a new mural.

Created by Art From Alexander and Ultra Kolor, the new mural celebrates one of Wirral's most-loved landmarks the Black Pearl and was unveiled on Sunday, November 3 on Hope Street.

Joining 15 other works in the neighbourhood, the Victoria Quarter mural shows the driftwood-built vessel in full sail against a backdrop of Liverpool's famous waterfront.

The Black Pearl was first built by local artist Frank Lund and Major Mace in 2013 and is maintained by a small group of locals who have even had to help rebuild the shop twice; first when it was destroyed by Winter storms and again when it was set alight by yobs just six months later.

The pirate ship was named after The Black Pearl which featured in the blockbuster film series Pirates of the Caribbean.

News that the ship had been ravaged by the waves had reached Johnny on social media who, in return, sent a short letter to Frank which said "Go and retrieve that horizon."

The mural features an image of a rat, which during the storms had climbed up and was seen clinging to the flagpole for safety.

Wirral Globe:

(Left to right) Major Mace, Daniel Davies (Archie the dog) and Frank Lund

Royal Academy graduate Samual Miller painted the mural alongside technicians Louis Fuller and Daniel Peers before it was signed off by ten local youngsters who added their fish to the seascape.

It was unveiled by Frank and Major with New Brighton's pirate community cheering them on.

Frank said: "The mural reflects the Black Pearl story, our community and the present mood in New Brighton – we get together and we just do it!”

Commissioned and funded by Rockpoint Leisure, the murals are part of the company's plans to regenerate the Victoria Quarter.

Rockpoint’s chief executive Daniel Davies told the Globe: “The Black Pearl is one of the town’s key cultural assets, it attracts huge amounts of visitors and is loved by both young and old.

"The mural cements the importance of the ship and the also the passion of the community who tirelessly maintain it.

"We’re delighted to be supporting Victoria Quarter once again with this new artwork.”

For more details of The Black Pearl mural and other artworks can be found at www.newbrightonstreetart.com