I READ with interest in the Wirral Globe that there are to be more car parking spaces at Spital Station.

Even more interesting is the fact that additional disabled parking spaces are to be provided.

Ca you please tell me how disabled passengers are supposed to access the trains, in view of the fact that there are 30 steps down to the platforms and, of course, 30 steps to the climb up on the return journey.

Without sounding flippant, I think this is impossible in a wheelchair and very dangerous for sight-impaired passengers.

Access is also very difficult for anyone with a pram or pushchair and, therefore, restricts parents and grandparents wishing to take their children for days out on the trains.

Along with several other members of the local Women’s Institute I help maintain the gardens at this station and, therefore, have witnessed many people, young and not so young, struggle with bags, cases, and bikes up and down these stairs.

I hope it never happens, but I think this situation is an accident waiting to happen.

Surely, it is high time that a lift or a ramp is installed at this station, so that everyone can access the trains without putting their lives and limbs in danger.

Teresa Dobson, Spital.