CHRIS De Burgh celebrated his 70th birthday last week and what better way to mark his life and career than a sell-out concert in his beloved Liverpool.

It's where his music was first played consistently by the late, great Radio City broadcaster Phil Easton and the city is home to his favourite football club - LFC.

Chris enjoys a global fan base that keeps him re-inventing himself while never losing track of the fact that his past material more than stands the test of time,

His latest international tour is under the 'classic albums' umbrella.

He has plenty to sing about.

A singer-songwriter who never fails to produce quality in the studio and on stage.

Here Chris chose a couple of crackers - both very different but special to him in their own unique way.

The two albums were played in their entirety with some greatest hits added to a three-hour mix of musical magic.

Now that is what you call value-for-money.

First from 2010 - Moonfleet and Other Stories - his adaptation of the nautical novel by J.Meade Falkner which brought magically to life so much so that you could almost smell the sea and hear the crashing waves.

Chris has always brought together crafted lyrics and wonderful melodies in this case producing period atmosphere and sheer beauty through rocking and rolling sea shanties and tingly trademark ballads.

It is a concept that works on every level.

Aided by back-screen projection and a stunning light show, Chris tells the love story from start to finish with lantern props and even dressed in a tasteful maritime costume.

It is a beautiful album enhanced by his faultless on stage band.

After the interval it was Chris presenting his Into the Light album from 1986 which became one of his biggest-sellers featuring the world-wide hit Lady in Red.

Chris happily went on walkabout through the Hall hugging audience members while singing - pitch-perfect with a hand-held microphone.

A nice touch from the star and a selfie-taker's dream.

He also showed his gift for storytelling in the rock anthem Say Goodbye To It All and displayed his astonishing vocal range with the tender Fatal Hesitation.

Alone on a stool he dedicated his love song Rosanna to his daughter who went on to become a Miss World.

It was another moving highlight.

Chris then chose a simple electric guitar medley to perform his other favourite album tracks including Lonely Sky and the poetic In A Country Churchyard.

Fans lapped up this enjoyable solo section and then he was re-joined by his accomplished fellow musicians.

He welcomed audience participation on Don't pay the Ferryman and Missing You.

Chris left the audience speechless on the soaring, politically time-less Borderline.

Encores included You'll Never Walk Alone and Patricia The Stripper.

I first saw him 40 years ago when he gave an intimate acoustic concert.

I never forgot that show and I won't forget this equally memorable gig celebrating his enviable back-catalogue.

He left the stage with his hand on his heart saying ... 'till next time.'

Looking forward to it already.

Rock Crusader

5 Stars

Chris De Burgh on tour