A WIRRAL based specialist education school has been awarded with a prestigious ADHD friendly status.

West Kirby School and College received their award at the ADHD Foundation's recent annual conference in Liverpool on Friday, October 4.

It is one of only five schools in Wirral to receive the award for championing and understanding ADHD.

The charity's national training director Colin Foley, who presented the award, said: "West Kirby School achieve outstanding academic outcomes with highly gifted intelligent children.

"They also provide highly individualised and very therapeutic provision for children with very complex needs.”

West Kirby School and College was praised for its practices in supporting ADHD and neurodiverse pupils with autism, dyslexia and dyspraxia with the ADHD Foundation's chief executive complimenting on the school's 'outstanding' work to allow children who struggle in the mainstream 'achieve their potential.'

The school's principal Sian Thomas said: “We’re really pleased to receive this award from the ADHD Foundation.

"The charity is a great partner and we value their support immensely.”

As well as receiving the award, the ADHD Foundation have provided the whole school with specialised training to help them continue their efforts in understanding and supporting their pupils.

Earlier this year, the school even installed its own Umbrella project as part of National Neurodiversity Week in a bid to celebrate their pupils.

Liz Wynne, assistant head at the school, said: “I’m thrilled that staff have recognition for their hard work and dedication to the pupils at West Kirby School.”