A HIDDEN vegan gem based in Hamilton Square has extended its opening hours for dinner.

Jöro Vegan Eatery was opened by Sarah Blowers and Barry Hamill in October 2017 in the basement of 47-48 Hamilton Square.

The vegan restaurant typically offers a day menu which runs from 11am to 6pm but Sarah and Barry have now made the decision to open the eatery for dinner until 10pm.

Having worked in hospitality for around 15 years, the pair from Birkenhead, came up with the idea of opening the vegan restaurant after turning vegan themselves five years ago.

Sarah told the Globe: "Barry and I went vegan about five years ago and we just got really tired of travelling over to Liverpool every time we wanted to go out for dinner as there was nothing that catered for us in Wirral.

"It's been going really well and as of this week we have decided to extend our opening hours.

"A lot of people were asking please would you stay open for dinner as they work all day and couldn't get to us before 6pm."

Jöro Vegan Eatery serves up a whole host of dishes from all day breakfast items, wraps and salads to hearty home cooking.

There's a fresh soup of the day and plenty of cakes and hot drinks available too.

Sarah continued: "Everything on offer is made in house and there's nothing complicated or snazzy on the menu.

Wirral Globe:

Some of the dishes on offer at Jöro Vegan Eatery

"We are very friendly with everyone, you don't have to be vegan to come here, you can just come in, have a coffee and a piece of cake.

"We make everything in house, we never buy anything in and always have around five cakes on offer everyday.

"In the evening we have more dinner and tapas items.

"If it's not vegan, we don't serve it but we do cater for all dietary requirements, if you have a requirement, just ask us.

"We also serve alcohol now with ciders, beers, wines and cocktails all available.

"That's served all day but is more aimed at the evening clientele.

"We're looking to expand our cocktail menu and Monday to Saturday we will be open 11am to 10pm to catch everyone we can."

The cosy restaurant has sofas for people to relax and unwind and a quaint terrace area complete with fairy lights.

Joro has its own-brand coffee and vegan snacks available to purchase near the front counter.

Wirral Globe:

Inside Jöro Vegan Eatery

But why open a vegan restaurant Birkenhead?

Barry said: "I grew up 200 metres down the road, there may have been more sensible areas to open a vegan eatery but we really like Hamilton Square.

"We knew we wanted to be on Hamilton Square, we love it around here.

"We always talked about starting something here and even if we're the first, it would be great to get other businesses like ourselves to begin opening up too.

"We actually went to visit an office on the other side of the square, it wasn't right for us but the agent said that his friend had a place that he may be looking to rent out so he contacted the owner of this building and soon enough they rang up and said they'd love to help us.

"It was just sheer luck and walking around talking to people.

"I think we've been received quite well here, we have a great, organic lunchtime crowd from the offices around us.

"But because we're a kind-of niche market we get people travelling from Manchester, Wales - people saying they have driven all the way here just to try us, that's slightly daunting but we have been really well received."

Everything on the Jöro menu is available to take away - including the hot drinks - and the restaurant is on Just Eat.

Sarah said: "Being vegan is a personal choice but it doesn't mean people can't try out something new.

"We don't need to convert you, we just want you to keep coming back."

For more information about Jöro Vegan Eatery visit https://www.facebook.com/joroveganeatery/ or https://www.instagram.com/joroveganeatery/