GLOBE critic Peter Grant has a cup of tea with Wirral legends OMD to chat about their stunning new exhibition - now open until January 2020.

Forty years on OMD are enjoying being ... OMD.

But where did that pompous sounding name Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark actually come from?

Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys are the complete opposite of stiff, unapproachable rock stars.

"We had that name written on a wall along with a load of equally odd sounding titles.

"We only intended to use it once for a one-off gig at Eric's in Liverpool," says Andy McCluskey

"Here it still is ... 40 years on and for the next 40," says Paul Humphreys with a huge smile.

It's been a creatively packed 2019 for the two musicians.

Earlier this year they performed two five star concerts with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra at the Phil.

Beautifully staged, majestic performances and two concerts they are rightly proud of.

The two great mates from Meols displayed their gift for timeless classics from hit singles to masterful album tracks.

I tell them they looked cool, calm and confident.

"We were very, very nervous," says Andy.

"You don't get much time to rehearse with a full orchestra."

The evenings were recorded for a double CD fans could buy on the night or sold on their website.

OMD care about their fans.

The CD features all the special banter from both unforgettable nights.

It is a keepsake of a band at the top of their game.

A souvenir ... OMD style.

One beautiful track called The View From Here captures the collaboration of strings and OMD perfectly.

"That song was my highlight," says Paul.

Andy who nods says the gigs were indeed very special.

This year has been good for Wirral, too, says Andy.

"We have been impressed with the success of the Borough of Culture events."

He cites the recent Birkenhead Park concerts and the Food and Drink festival as major achievements.

Now, in a tribute to their own legacy of 25 million singles and 15 million album sales a showcase exhibition is open at the BME British Music Experience at the Cunard Building at the the Pier Head in Liverpool.

It is a five star attraction...a must see and must hear destination for any OMD fan.

It is a lovingly put together insight into the legendary synth duo's craft.

Entitled Souvenir: 40 years of OMD - that is exactly what it is.

The are instruments, stage outfits, prints ... posters as well as Andy's personal binders full of ideas photos and press cuttings.

A short film featuring live footage of the band is screened at regular intervals.

"We are very pleased with it all the facets of our anniversary," says Paul.

The exhibition is the latest chapter in their astonishing success.

OMD are now reissuing their first four classic albums on vinyl followed by a world tour starting in Portugal and finishing in Paris in 2021.

A UK dates will certainly sell out.

Before they went off for a much-anticipated, intimate Q & A with fans, I ask them what's next? A hologram tour like Abba?

At the same time and in almost psychic unison Andy and Paul laugh out loud and say: "When we are dead."

OMG! ... OMD dead?

Perish the thought.

Souvenir: 40 years of OMD.

You must purchase admission tickets at the BME which are on sale at the venue.

Closes on January 5.