TABBY McTat is a singing cat, devoted to his owner, Fred the Busker.

Life with Fred, and the old guitar couldn't be more purrfect.

But when Fred gives chase to a thief and fails to return Tabby McTat becomes a lonely cat.

This lively musical adaptation of Julia Donaldson's tale of true friendship - at the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool until Saturday - bounces along in the hands of Freckle Production's happy ensemble cast.

Luke Rees Oliviere, Paul Hilliar, Anneka Gouldbourne and Rhian McLean convey a collective infectious sense of fun, using the simple storytelling device of pass-the- hats to bring the tale to life.

The directors - Alan Lane, originally and JJ Green with musical direction from Bobby Delaney - cleverly employ the same imaginative process that every child uses when given a few simple props.

With a minimal set, it's the energetic enthusiasm of the cast that carries the family audience through it's fast moving adventure where friends mean everything.

Four stars - Mog-tastic

Until Saturday

Tickets from 0151 709 4776